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Re to Keith & Murray

Aug 08, 1995 09:09 AM
by Jerry Schueler


> >But I was a little disappointed in that no one takes seriously
the possiblility that light and life and consciousness and spirit
are, if not identical, then closely related.

> Murray:

> I believe that light and life and consciousness and spiritgare
closely related as both concept and experience. Thegmore
experience I have, the more this is brought home togme.

Light & darkness, life & death, conscious & unconscious, and
spirit & matter are obviously very closely related concepts and
are often used interchangably and as symbols for each other
(light is often used as a symbol for consciousness, for example).
I see consciousness as subjective, and both light and spirit as
objective. I am not so sure how life fits into this - it would
depend on exactly how it is defined; this is not as easy as it
might sound, as life must usually be defined in terms of its
effects. I also see consciousness and life as being different in
that life is associated with this Earth (i.e., existence on the
physical plane) while consciousness exists on many planes (thus
the term 'disembodied consciousness,' for example). Light is a
funny term. Sometimes it is used to imply manifestation (i.e.,
similar to cosmos, or that which exists below the Abyss - HPB's 7
Globes seen as light rising up from the surrounding darkness)
while at other times it refers to spirituality (i.e., that which
lies above the Abyss - just think of 'Abyss' as the demarcation
line between form/rupa and formless/arupa).


> I cannot see why Light could not carry the information for life
itself anywhere in the universe. It may already do just this.

I suppose it may, but if so, science certainly hasn't found it
yet. According to Einstein, light is both waves and particles.
According to de Broglie, matter itself is also both waves and
particles. Which it is, depends upon how we make our
observations. Maybe there is a third way of observing light in
which such coded life-forms can be seen? According to Leadbeater,
sunlight contains 'life globules' which stimulate our chakras.
According to modern physics, sunlight allows Earth to create very
low-entropy products (plants and vegetables) which we then eat
thereby lowering our own entropy while raising our energy.
Without sunlight, plants couldn't grow, and we would reach a
state of maximum entropy very fast (assuming we could live
without the sun in all other respects, which we can't). So, the
sun actually helps us, as open systems, to defy the second law of
thermodynamics. The sun helps set the conditions necessary for
life here on Earth, but I don't see how (or why?) it can contain
DNA codes in binary form for all living beings. Such codes form
via an evolution that combines earth, water, air, and fire
(sunlight), with the basic 'seeds' or shistas of spirit. For
this reason, I don't see why any binary coding via sunlight is
necessary other than the element of fire which is already well

Jerry S.

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