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Re: Humility and What did HPB smoke?

Aug 08, 1995 05:00 AM
by Aprioripa

> There is a letter I read, also said to be from K.H. (in
thegpublications of the Temple of the People), called, I
think,g"Some Reasons for the Failure to Establish a Universal
OccultgOrganization." In this he lists many reasons (all of which
seemgto me to be still relevant today) but says that the
mostgserious problem are the braggarts or people who want to
begrecognized as someone (or as the main person) who has
agrelationship with the Masters. --

> Ah Humility!

> I would appreciate it if you let me know the title andgedition
of the publication when you next run across it.

The book is called "Teachings of the Temple" published by the
Temple of the People in Halcyon, CA.

> I keep hearing this story but have never seen it in
printganywhere. Think you might sometime be able to recall where
yougread it? Col. Olcott mentions in passing in ~Old Diary
Leaves~gthat HPB smoked Turkish tobacco, which is quite potent
but stillgjust tobacco and more characteristically gives off
carbons rathergthan ozone.

I believe that the ozone smoking story is in a book called
"Letters of Helena Roerich" published in the U.S. by the Agni
Yoga Society -- however the letters are orginally in Russian and
some people I've talked to have indicated that the english
translation is imperfect.

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