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Re: Loose Threads

Jul 28, 1995 08:02 AM

> It seems the emporer has no clothes and the government will
have no funds for all the expected Medicare, welfare, education
etc.  entitlements.

Interesting you should mention this, theres been much discussion
about what to do about this, from a spiritual/theosophical
perspective on the forums and e-lists that I browse through.  The
solution seems to be natural societal evolution in economic
freedom with a practical emphasis on right relationships.  *

The spiritual revelations generally anticipated over the next few
years certainly make for interesting dialogue (anyone heard any
more about the new chamber found in the Great Pyramid [up one of
shafts in the Queen's chamber] found a couple of years ago by the
German archeological team?).

"The truth shall set you free."
"...and the greatest of these is Love."


* An article called "Economics & Freedom: A Civilized World" has
been written (for a conventional scientific audience) but based
on the principles of freedom and right relationships which shows
how this natural eco-social evolution would work and suggests a
practical plan for bringing it about.  If you wish you can get a
copy by sending the message "get eco-freedom" to the e-mail
address "".

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