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Re: Online with the planets

Jul 27, 1995 10:56 PM
by Paul Gillingwater

"Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd"

> Thinking of planets and space, I've just been reading Geoffrey
Hodson's posthumous book "The Yogic Ascent to Spiritual Heights"
and somewhere

A fantastic book.  It will bear reading many times, in many ways.

> Perhaps this is the way space travel is done - not by physical

Today in the UK, and on various other TV networks around the
world, (including Fox in the US) there will be a documentary
shown about the Roswell Incident -- an alleged UFO crash in 1947
that was covered up by the US Air Force.

The most interesting "evidence" that they will produce is film
footage of an autopsy of three non-human bipeds.  I have seen
stills from the film, and many journalists and surgeons who have
seen the film state that it would be very difficult to fake.

The film raises a number of questions.  Like Murray, I assumed
that there probably are things seen by people in the sky, but
that they may be etheric beings, devas, elementals, even
manifested symbols from the collective unconsciousness, but that
the physical limitations of interstellar travel would make
physical visitors to our world very unlikely.

I am aware that UFOs are a "fringe" subject even within the T.S.,
but note that nothing that HPB writes suggests that they cannot
exist, and that many theosophists would agree that life probably
exists elsewhere in the universe.  Intellectually, however, I
have always resisted the claims of the UFOnauts, feeling that
some other explanation is at work.

The possibility that physical evidence now exists has made me
reevaluate this position.  I would be curious to hear from fellow
list-members on this matter.

Here are some other possibilities:

1.  It's an elaborate and expensive hoax to discredit UFOnauts.
This raises possibilities in itself.

2.  Aliens have crash-landed.

3.  They're not alien, they're just another species who have
shared this planet for millions of years, but remain hidden.
Ref.  Bulwer-Lytton et al.

4.  They're humans, but from the future when thousands of years
of environmental degradation have caused humanity to mutate in
various ways.  Now their race is dwindling, and they are trying
to restock by collecting eggs and semen, as well as trying to
influence opinion by abducting talk-show attendees and showing
them videos of environmental disasters.

5.  They're from a different dimension, and plan an invasion.

5 x :-)

Paul Gillingwater

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