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Re: Online with the planets

Jul 27, 1995 03:02 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

> > Perhaps this is the way space travel is done - not by
physical translation but by expansion of the field of our self
awareness to reach, touch, coalesce with, become one with, ...
and realise our existence in a web that goes far beyond our

> Murray, there are so many good science fiction/fantasy books
out there now that deal with this kind of concept.  Anne
McCaffrey's "Damia" books come quickly to mind.  Science again
validating theosophy?


It's pretty exciting that explorers in the guise of writers are
coming back with this sort of thing.  Thanks for mentioning Anne
McCaffrey - I haven't read any of her stuff yet.

Re science validating theosophy, I think both are about making
the individual insight or discovery public.  Come to think of it,
so is writing.  The fact that the progress of science is such a
public enterprise is at once a positive for humanity and a huge
liability, making it slow, conflict-ridden, and slow, compared
with what the arrow of individual consciousness can achieve when
it is able.

Murray Stentiford

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