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Loose Threads

Jul 27, 1995 10:22 PM
by Keith Price

Mega-dittos of appreciation to John Mead for helping the theos
lists survive the crashes.

This is the second crash since I posted last.  I have been
following the threads, but at a distance, maybe the re-booting is
symbolic of a reincarnation of the collective thought-form we are
creating in cyberspace.

My attempt to reweave some loose threads may do more damage than
good, but here goes:

1) What's in a name? Would a Master by any other name smell?

It seems we have many names for similar entities.  Jung pointed
out in the 1950's that people used to see angels, now they see
aliens from other planets or spiritual dimensions and they all
could be reduced (or expanded) to include the archetypes of
"Great Beings" that direct psychological and spiritual energies.

I find Paul's ideas fascinating because they reintroduce the
environment and millieu of the fin de siecle, turn of the
century.  Names like Sir Richard Burton bring up fantasies of
intrigue, the mysterious, not to mention the Kama Sutra.  Other
insights into the political machinations of the carabeneri (help
me on the spelling) and the illuminati and masonry make for a
romantic and exotic mix of romanticism, spirtualism, conspiracy
and a little high decadence.  ( You can practically smell the
incense, see the oriental finery and architecture and glimpse the
shadowy comings and goings of the historical characters
superimposed on the dim images (to me) of the Masters.)

Alas one can almost long for the days when theosophy had the
underside of real people pulling the strings of the "inner world
government." But nostalgic fantasies don't make a foundation for
the spiritual needs so obvious at our "turn of the century."

2) Lucid dreaming - Dream along with me, we on our way to the
stars! - Perry Como

Lucid dreaming seems to validate the idea of parallel universes
and, if not time travel, then travel to alternate universes that
coincide, interpenetrate, exfoliate.  Someone in our lodge gave a
talk about "The Philadelphia Experiment" and Montauk which
suggested that if you can control 3 or the basic forces in the
universe (gravity, the strong force and the weak force) you might
be able to move through space-time.

3) The New Age and The Second Coming (with or without the
Anti-Christ) - It seems that many people believe that beings from
other places have had intercourse ( in the sense of
communication) with humanity and that this process is speeding up
somehow to some critical point.  In the past they were called
angels, masters, adepts.  Today aliens, spiritual entities in
channeling etc.  It is amazing how some of the ideas of mission,
movement, charasmatic "Lord", occult symbols (swastika) and
terminology ("Aryan") where bandied about by the Nazis.  One
would hope that if we get a new world teacher, it will be of the
more benign variety.  It seems the emporer has no clothes and the
government will have no funds for all the expected Medicare,
welfare, education etc.  entitlements.  The Texas Federation had
it annual meeting and the subject was the millenium.  We had
speakers from Ba'hai, Zoratrianism, Christianiny, theosophy,
native American traditions etc.  The conclusion seemed to be that
the year 2000 will come and go much like any other year, but the
idea as turning point in history is still powerful indeed.

Have you ever seen a dream walking?
Have you ever heard a Master talking?
Have you ever been an alien traveling?


Keith Price

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