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Theosophy Lodge Online August Program

Jul 28, 1995 08:50 AM
by JK1Carp

Theosophy Lodge Online Program - August 1995

Live Discussions are held every Wednesday Evening:

August 2, "The Three Fundamentals", 101 (article number)
August 9, "Universal Applications of Doctrine", 140
August 16, "Recognition of Law", 128
August 23, "The Philosophy of Perfection", 110
August 30, "Mahatmas and Chelas", 118

Meetings begin at 10:00 pm and end at 11:30 pm EDT.  The meetings
are based on articles (listed above) which can be read online or
downloaded.  All are welcome to attend.

Theosophy Lodge Online can be reached any time at:

Telnet: (
WWW: enter "telnet://"; as the URL (without the

Direct Dial: (301) 942-4312 at 9600 bps

All nodes may be busy -- please try again! Correspondence may be
conducted on Theosophy Lodge Online or be directed to

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