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To touch the planets

Jul 28, 1995 11:57 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Murray Stentiford writes:

> Perhaps this is the way space travel is done - not by physical
translation but by expansion of the field of our self awareness
to reach, touch, coalesce with, become one with, ...  and realise
our existence in a web that goes far beyond our planet.

This reminded me of a wonderful episode of the television series
called The Twilight Zone, broadcast several years ago.  It was
set in the future, after a nuclear holocaust had destroyed most
of mankind.  Those left were dedicated to peace, respect for the
earth and had developed advanced psychic powers.  A man who had
been frozen from the time before the great destruction was
revived because he had technological knowledge they needed.  They
did psychic surgery on him to remove his cancer and gave him a
computer.  They wanted him to detonate a bomb that was on a ship
circling the planet.  The ship contained all the leaders that had
been responsible for the nuclear destruction of the planet.  They
had gone into suspended animation and would be awakened when the
earth had become habitable again, ready to take over.  Needless
to say, the man did destroy the ship and they rewarded him with a
psychic trip to the planets, which was beautifully presented on
the screen.  I found this whole episode quite unique for
television.  This story was written by Rene Ecchevaria, who went
on to do a lot work for the spin-off series of Star Trek.

- ann

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