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UFO interest

Jul 28, 1995 12:17 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Paul G. writes:

> The film raises a number of questions.  Like Murray, I assumed
that there probably are things seen by people in the sky, but
that they may be etheric beings, devas, elementals, even
manifested symbols from the collective unconsciousness, but that
the physical limitations of interstellar travel would make
physical visitors to our world very unlikely.

> The possibility that physical evidence now exists has made me
reevaluate this position.  I would be curious to hear from fellow
list-members on this matter.

The best book I've ever read on the subject is called "Human
Encounters with Aliens: Abduction" by John E.  Mack, MD, who is a
Pulitzer Prize winner and a Harvard psychiatrist.  He worked with
people who had been abducted, trying to deal with their traumas.
He also brings in a lot of spiritual aspects to their
experiences, as some of his patients feel they have grown
spiritually from their UFO contacts.  The book was published last
year by Scribners.

I became interested in Dr.  Mack when I saw him at the World
Parliament of Religions.  Although one of my friends laughed when
I said I was attending his lecture, they had to move the group to
a larger room because so many people had attended.  Even so,
others had to sit on the floor or stand out in the hall.

At that time, Dr.  Mack had stated that he'd suspected that the
aliens were coming from another dimension because they could move
themselves and others through solid walls and windows.  They also
show evidence of telepathy.

I got interested in this subject as a result of my writing
research.  One of my characters and his wife are abducted in the
desert and I wanted it to be realistically written as possible.

- ann

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