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Re: UFO interest

Jul 28, 1995 03:52 PM

> The best book I've ever read on the subject is called "Human
Encounters with Aliens: Abduction" by John E.  Mack, MD, who is a
Pulitzer Prize winner and a Harvard psychiatrist.  He worked with
people who had been abducted, trying to deal with their traumas.
He also brings in a lot of spiritual aspects to their
experiences, as some of his patients feel they have grown
spiritually from their UFO contacts.  The book was published last
year by Scribners.

> I got interested in this subject as a result of my writing
research.  One of my characters and his wife are abducted in the
desert and I wanted it to be realistically written as possible.

Lets see,if space aliens are abducting people (naughty naughty)
then no doubt they need a good spanking to teach them proper
interplanetary civility!.  As a native Texan I'm happy to oblige
-- but alas they always run away from me.  I wonder ......  is a
a sense of humor a part of interstellar relationships?.....

Yours in peace,

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