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Re to Keith: Space-Time Travel

Jul 28, 1995 05:08 PM
by Jerry Schueler

First of all, a big thanks to John for keeping theos-l afloat.  I
was bounced off for over a month and am just playing catchup.

Keith: <Someone in our lodge gave a talk about "The Philadelphia
Experiment" and Montauk which suggested that if you can control 3
or the basic forces in the universe (gravity, the strong force
and the weak force) you might be able to move through space-time.

Keith, we all move through space-time now! I have to assume that
you mean going into the past or future or to a planet or another
solar system (?).  A recent science book by Kip Thorn describes
what is required for time travel, and it will not be within our
lifetime.  As I put forth in my Enochian Physics, time travel is
not possible for physical objects, but it _is_ possible for the
mind, which travels at the speed of thought (which I am assuming
to be faster than the speed of light, which itself is a limit
only for objects with physical mass).  Nothing with mass can
travel faster than light, at least according to Einstein.
However, quantum physics has already shown that photons (light in
the form of particles rather than waves) can travel faster - only
the average photons go the speed of light: a small portion goes
faster while another small portion goes slower.  I also recall
reading somewhere that HPB says that living bodies cannot be
decomposed, moved, and then recomposed in another place and
maintain life.  In other words, "beam me up, Scotty" is strictly
science fiction.  Although she writes about this in terms of
teleportation, I have to assume that it is also true for any
scientific teleport machine.

Keith: < It seems that many people believe that beings from other
places have had intercourse ( in the sense of communication) with
humanity and that this process is speeding up somehow to some
critical point.>

HPB warns of just this sort of thing happening about now.

Jerry S.

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