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Jul 28, 1995 08:36 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Paul and others,

I did some more searching in Ryan's book H.P.BLAVATSKY and found
a reference to an asrama or retreat in the Himalayan jungle in
Sikkhim.  At this ashram she found M and KH with several of their
chelas.  I don't know if you ever were made aware of this place
because I don't remember it being mentioned in either book.  The
story is that she was ill and received medicine extracted from a
Himalayan plant which she had to take seven times a day, and that
within three days she was perfectly well.  (This found on p.
133.) In the year 1882 it was the end of the first seven years
since The Theosophical Society's inception.  The book states that
in this initial period it was necessary for Masters and chelas to
"take a more open and active part than was possible in later
years.  Efforts were made by them to form an 'Inner Group' at
Simla, in order to study in preparation for deeper teachings, and
it dragged along for several years." It says very little came
from this effort.  The inner group had to be abandoned in 1885.

Another reference to KH is placing him at The Golden Temple of
the Sikhs at Amritsar.  There is much about this temple in Paul's
books.  It says K.H.  was there in October 1880 when Olcott and
Blavatsky visited there.  K.H.  refers to this on p.  12 of ML?
(This was probably just a short visit, don't you think?)

Bye for now,


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