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Jul 31, 1995 02:23 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Brenda S. Tucker:

> Paul and others,

> I did some more searching in Ryan's book H.P.BLAVATSKY and
found a reference to an asrama or retreat in the Himalayan jungle
in Sikkhim.  At this ashram she found M and KH with several of
their chelas.  I don't know if you ever were made aware of this
place because I don't remember it being mentioned in either book.
The story is that she was ill and received medicine extracted

Ghum is referred to by HPB as in Sikkim, but it wasn't.  This
Himalayan monastery was visited by HPB in 1882 and has other
links to the Masters that are discussed in Initiates.

> Another reference to KH is placing him at The Golden Temple of
the Sikhs at Amritsar.  There is much about this temple in Paul's
books.  It says K.H.  was there in October 1880 when Olcott and
Blavatsky visited there.  K.H.  refers to this on p.  12 of ML?
(This was probably just a short visit, don't you think?)

KH refers to Amritsar in some places as if it were his home, in
others as a place he occasionally visits.  References to the
Punjab abound in the early MLs, but later the focus is entirely
on Tibet.

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