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UFO Connections/Time Travel

Jul 31, 1995 02:30 PM
by Keith Price

Thank you Jerry S.  fo pointing out that we already move quite
satisfactorially through space- time and it really gets fun if
you cross the international date line.  :-)

I guess I picked up that jargon from too many B science fiction
films.  "Get ready! We are going at warp speed through the time

But it also points that we are doing a lot of things without
being conscious of them, reflecting on them and realizing we are
doing them when we are doing them.  I am thinking about Lucid
Dreaming! It is my favorite topic and I wish I could do it
everynight., but it is kind of a gift, like grace or something.
It happens to me usually when I am deprived of sleep.

I have had some pretty intense experiences that were
psychologically powerful (sometimes it is very pleasing, more
pleasing than most waking experiences, or it can be very
frightening if you get into a Lucid Nightmare, these are less

But lucid dreams have given me the insight that the mind can and
does travel through many states of consciousness everyday and
night.  But how far can we take these to mean travel to other
dimensions or to the past or the future? Are the beings in them
"real" or coherent in the same way we are?

Crick who helped map DNA believes that life was spored from
another place in the galaxy.  That the age of the earth and the
complexity of life are not compatible with evolution as it is
currently taught (without involution).

So would we need physical DNA (with organic molecules) to carry
life or could it be reduced to some binary code and transmitted
over light waves or something?

Are God, the archetypes, and their communications encoded
implicated or encoded in the DNA and decoded or explicated
through the collective unconscious the way language is?

Are our dreams a way or at least a reminder of how we are really
not limited beings but part of something that is going on in
parrallel universes not so much as a past or future but a
potential past or future? Thus meeting are talking to aliens,
Masters, elementals, devas, angels, archetypes is not that rare,
but we just aren't able to do it consciously when we want to all
the time.  It seems like systems of Enochian Magic and the Kabala
are attempts to control this intercourse.

A spiritual or psychic experience can be life changing.
Channeling, prayer, meditation, dreams, are all attempts to
communicate with beings ae parts of ourself that are on higher or
at least on alternate levels of existense.  But the only way to
communicate this is not with evidence, but with words ( which are
sorely lacking in duplicating the experince).  I think, as I have
said before, that many people use art to trascend and transform
from ordinary consciousness to an expanded one.  Today's highly
produced music and special effects films attempt to provide these
experiences to the general public.

I have heard it said that THE SECRET DOCTRINE is less an
archeological or historical document than an attempt to induce a
meditation or open the intuitive eye of the reader so as to gaze
into new areas of thought and experience.


Keith Price

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