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Jul 31, 1995 02:09 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Lewis Lucas:

> Your question is similar to one I have been pondering.  What
are the reasons and implications of the rise in fundamentalism
around the world? I would be interested in others comments.

Dear Lewis--

This question has arisen on alt.astrology in relation to the
entry of Uranus into Aquarius and Pluto into Sagittarius.  In
both cases, the planet is going from a conservative sign into a
progressive one.  But there is an unleashing of compulsive
"acting out" behavior associated with both transitions.  The
Uranus change may be mostly related to political upheaval, but
Pluto in Sag is expected (by the posters on a.a.) to bring a long
siege of fundamentalist and other religious disruptions.  Not so
much a rise in fundamentalism, which has been around forever, but
a rise in people feeling compelled to act out their convictions.

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