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Re: kabalah

Jan 21, 1995 08:10 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Latter-day students of Kabbalah tend, like too many theosophists,
to suppose that the writings of the 19th and early 20th century
authors express the last word on the subject, when as has been
said, truth in all its forms is a continuing and developing
revelation which often needs to be re-cast in new language for a
new era.

The supposition that everthing that can be known about recondite
or esoteric matters has been revealed once for all in the
writings of a) the Bible, b) Madame Blavatsky, c) Annie Besant,
d) C.W.Leadbeater e) Aleister Crowley f) etc., etc.  is all too

HPB did a great service in calling attention to "The Source of
Measures" and sacred geometry.  Very few people seem to have
followed it up [too much like hard work I guess] so it is good to
find someone who has.

I have not pursued this particular "thread" begun by HPB, having
followed a different route, but I can vouch for the fact that
geometry [sacred if you will] is undoubtedly inherent in any
workable description of the Kabbalist world-view, or paradigm for
those who like the posh words.  (One group I was involved with
canonized St.  Paradigm due to his/her prominence in theological

My own original research has come up with the discovery, in
kabbalistic form, of a clear link between the Temple of Luxor
circa 1600 bce and the cathedral and abbey churches begun circa
1100 ce (or bc and ad - but I prefer the neutral terminology of
modern academic study).  There is also a link with the 33 degrees
of the "Ancient and a Accepted" Scottish rite of modern

Like Theosophy proper, this is not a five-minute discussion -
indeed, not a discussion at all, but a continuing thread spanning

My own writings on the subject elucidate much of this, but
readers will have to e-mail me for details, as I am not in a
position to bestow all the fruits of my labours of 38 years upon
theos-l for free (yet).

What I will say with conviction is that the presentation of
Kabbalah commonly received via the writings of members of the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is flawed.  Not deliberately
so, in the main, but simply because of insufficient information,
and the usual reluctance to engage in original research.

"Line 50" says my editor, so I will leave it there for now - I
have said enough of very little already!

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