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Re: Sexism, Racism, Reincarnation

Jan 21, 1995 07:39 PM
by Nira2U

Geez K.Paul --that's what I *thought* I was ranting about ;-}

I've documented my pastlives --and have an equal balance of male
& female incarnations.  Our Creator gives us the opportunity to
purge each lifetime's misgivings (if we're aware of it
--otherwise we're doomed to keep repeating feces until we get the
toilet flushed...  sorry for the odeous ANALogy by many people
suffer Karmic Constipation where digesting Reincarnation is

I'm writing a book at present that shows *how* my pastlives
interweave --and how it will help others to untangle their Karmic
tapestries...  Which is also why I availed my "psychic" abilities
to others.  Firstly --to see if the Vibe did exist; if it could
connect --and how to make it work to proper (as opposed to
abusive) advantages...

The reason for different races & sexes is simple: to learn from
each other...  If we wuz all the same cookie --we'd get pretty
bored with the same flavor...

And some of us are pretty TART...

WADR to Keith's attempt at getting peoples' attention by giving
us a lesson in Jocelyn Elder's philosophy (and yes --this time
Keith you get an A+ in spelling...) It made me wonder *how* she
would introduce this as curriculum?! Would she be concentrating
on the History of...  Technique...  And think of the Labs...
Makes me jealous that I'm too old to go to school in Arkansas...
Like they say --politics *does* make for strange bedfellows...

My Self --I think Tantra's got some really great points to it: no
laundry to do; it's highly portable; no pills or skins to
purchase making it cost effective; no one gets offended if you
roll over & go to sleep (altho' I am a huge cuddle-advocate).  My
main question is --where do I purchase Tantric Cigs for the
afterglow?! Ah --therein lies the major question...  (Stop
laughing so hard Dr.  Al --you'll attract a crowd...)

Sorry Doreen --if constructive bickering upsets you...  Perhaps
Kabbalism *is* a higher ordered 'science' --but my Guide told me
I had to bring the volume down to commoners' (present company
excluded) levels in this Exercise in order deposit Dharma in my
soul's bank account...

To answer Keith's query: my first time was at the ripe age of two
years; Channeling since I learned to talk; shut down by paranoid
parents by age 10; hid in the basement reading Search for Bridey
Murphy while kids my age were busy exploring their privates;
practiced The Disciplines between ages 14-21 --doing
astrological/psychic readings for the Birth Mothers I midwifed
--to help them determine their cherubs' goal paths (Imagine how
testicular the doctors got when I told their 'patients' to head
to the hospital LOOOOOOOOOONG before their due dates.  And I was
always right...)

Been Empathic all my life --hence watching TV news has a tendency
to drain me bigtime...



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