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Re: kabalah

Jan 21, 1995 03:25 PM
by euser


Your interest in the Kabalah, Genesis, etc.  is shared by me too.
As you probably know, HPB quotes Ralston Skinner ('Source of
Measure') quite frequently in the SD.

Did you study the Source of Measures? I did so (a time consuming
thing, but rewarding).  Skinner reveals the use of geometry,
certain proportions of whole numbers, etc.  in certain
relationships between earth, moon and sun.  He also explains
Genesis (Garden of Eden, meaning of Adam, Eve & other names in a
symbolical way as referring to geometrical relations and
numbers).  His case is quite strong: concordance between the
hidden meaning of Genesis and the proportions found in the
pyramid of Gizeh.  All this reminds me of the necessity for
theosophists to study the Sacred Symbols of religions in order to
establish their manifold meanings and relation to the structure
of the universe.  Theosophy is not a finished, closed system of
truths- it requires deep study, development of intuition, etc.
in order to get a fuller picture of a synthesis of religion,
philosophy and science.

There will be others on this list I think, who may be interested
to participate in a discussion of Kabalah, especially in an
enlarged context of Sacred Geometry.

Please let me know what you think of this (and Mr.  Bain too)

Martin Euser

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