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Jan 21, 1995 12:48 PM
by Keith Price

I am responding to your request on net, because I don't have any
secret or extra information.

As you can tell, I speak rather impulsively and this is one of
those subjects that may have been better left forgotten.

I have loyalty to Olcott.  That has not really been shaken.  I
think John Algeo is a good president from all I can tell and will
do a lot of good for the society.  Also I think "The Quest" is a
wonderful publication and has really brought theosophy to the
masses, brought together a lot of fine people into contact with
the society like Jean Houston (I love her work) and Ken Wilber
(who I really admire, but why is he so introverted ?) and is
really modern in the best sense of the word.

This sounds like brown nosing, but I believe that we must all
come together in brotherhood (sorry but siblinghood is getting to
be a tired joke, can't we think of something like "come together
as a family").  Bing didn't win.  I love Bing like a spiritual
father.  He is one of the kindest, most knowledgeable, most
commited theosophist I know.  He is by far (IMHO) the best, most
systematic teacher of theosophy.  That is why his unkind words to
Abbenhouse and others at Olcott shocked me.  It was like someone
else (yeah, the old shadow thing again) was speaking them.  He
shot himself in the foot if you want to know the "secret".

Still your suspicion that Headquaters is not really democratic,
but elitist may have some justification.  I think the very idea
that the Masters inspired it, created it, blessed it, guarded it
and watch over it for all time kind of gives some the idea that
the ends justify the means.

The rule that if you wrote anything, just anything, like "Dorthy
I'm sorry I really like you, but let's give Bing a chance" gave
people grounds to throw that ballot out, well it give one pause,
doesn't it? Also another rule like you had to sign the outside of
the envelope or some such nonsense.  I'm very bad on details as
Theodora and others have often pointed out.  (luv ya Earth
Mother) And why, oh why didn't they just get a cheap CPA or
someone like that to count the votes???? Someone who could
present the votes as unbiased, credible and auditable (Abbenhouse
may have won fair and square, but we will never know.  They
created the grounds for suspision, they could have stopped it
cold, but they didn't) It would have cost very little and would
have saved many broken hearts, bad thougtforms, uneasy Karma
about the situation etc.

I'm sure there are skeletons.  My closet is full to overflowing.
Does anybody else know anything? Bing are you out there
anywhere??? SPEAK TO US!

Thanks for the visual semiotic poem Daniel.  I keep getting the
idea of the "round table" in King Arthur's court.  Wouldn't it be
wonderful if we stopped trying to score points by one-upsmanship
(sic) or one ups personship.  There is no head chair to rule
others at theos-l.  We are blessed with John Mead (IMHO) who is
very patient and fair as far as I can tell.  We could have got
someone who was HPB only or your pro-choice or your off.  There
are a few Merlins here too.  I think when we come into the
nucleus us universal family we expect Camelot.  Fellow souls that
will laugh and support and share our spiritual knighthood fairly
and without egotism It doesn't take long for the Morganas and
Modreds to raise their jealous heads and even a few Lancelots and
Guiniverres to stumble through and drown out the golden days.  We
could have our golden days.

Keith Price - a very new and unskilled knight

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