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Re: Tell me about your first time!

Jan 21, 1995 03:24 PM
by euser

Hi Keith,

Your request to others to tell about their first mystical
experiences raises some questions with me.

1.  Is it wise to speak openly about these things?

2.  Is it possible to express one's deepest experiences in words?

Others may have similar or other questions (let them speak).
Some stray thoughts: it is indeed possible to speak about
experiences like the workings of the astral senses, looking into
the astral light, etc.  Usually, this is a very limited
experience, however unique it may be to the person involved.
Speaking about this to others may:

a.  Amuse them

b.  Annoy or depress them (it may suggest to them that they
haven't reached the same level of evolution as the person
involved, which is often untrue.

In some cases, it might be helpful to others (if they have some
experience they don't understand or when they feel threatened by
certain experiences) if another person can explain it to them (by
virtue of having experienced similar things).

Regarding deep mystical experiences, I doubt whether many people
are willing to talk about these.  Holy things cannot properly be
expressed in words.  It feels like degrading these experiences to
a level of outer sense experience.  Can someone who doesn't
experience the Inner Light understand someone who is talking
about these experiences? I doubt it.  Pythagoras is said to talk
only in parables even to his closest pupils.  Those who had the
ears to hear knew what he meant to convey.

You might object that we live in different times, where many more
people have deeper experiences of the Spirit.  This may be true,
but even then I would advise some reticence.  Articles are stored
in archives and people may confuse experiences of the astral
realms with deeper, more spiritual insights.

There are a few exceptions to this, like Jacob Boehme's mystical
writings, but this seems to be rather exceptional.

Any comments?

Friendly Yours,

Martin Euser

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