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Tell me about your first time!

Jan 20, 1995 10:40 PM
by Keith Price

To Leisel and Jerry - If Theodora and I can be civil, anything is
possible.  What goes around comes around.  If you project your
shadow, you will get it back.  If you project your higher self,
you might get that back.  Nobody has control or take
responsibility for another persons feelings or thoughts about
another including CWL.

(Boy, I sound like I'm preaching again.  SORRY! No flames please)

This may help or make matters worse, but here goes.  I am told by
an "insider" that Dora Kunz's husband was one of the boys (ages
12-14) learning from CWL.  He has stated that CWL did say that
masturbation was a tool to help one toward celibacy.  But he was
never, never touched by CWL now does he know of any of the other
boys who were.  I don't think this will change one person's mind
on the issue.

But it might be worth following up on if he is still alive or if
any of the other boys are.

Joyclyn Elders (I don't know how to spell her name) was kicked
out of Washington for advocating teaching masturbation in lieu of
sex that might spread AIDS.  She said a lot of strange things,
but somehow this was deemed the final straw.  I guess a little
harmless but unbiblical fun is worse than getting AIDS and
spreading it, dying and killing others.

I'm not supporting her.  But the priorities that masturbation is
an absolute taboo, but spreading AIDs isn't is pretty strange.
The priorities don't make sense.

Come on guys (I'm being gallant to the ladies, you need not
reply).  Can anybody tell me they haven't been to Pee Wee's
playhouse? It's pretty well know that babies do it (per Freud),
even monkeys in the trees do it.

I was told by a boy down the block when I was ten, although I
couldn't do anything.

Since boys used to go to all boys schools back then I don't think
this was any big news at all.


Tell me about your first time does not refer to the above, but to
the first time you read "The Secret Doctrine" and your first
mystical experience.  I"ll tell you mine if you'll tell me yours.

I was a strange child.  Quelle suprise! I remember seeing a
picture of a golden Buddha and was haunted -- for many weeks.  I
couldn't put a term to it then, but I subconciously knew I had
been there in a previous incarnation.  The next biggie was when I
was in high school math class.  We were studying the Cartesian
Coordinate system and I got the insight that positive and
negative infinity meet somewhere and are somehow the same thing
and the origin and destination of it all.  I understood the
uroboros in a flash.  The snake eating its tail as symbol of
infininty or the source of all withour ever having read one book.
(People allways yawn at this they expect something like I saw St.
Germain in my bedroom, but this insight about infinity has
comforted me and led me back to the spiritual path when other
gurus, books etc.  haven't.)


"The Secret Doctrine" seemed like utter nonsense the first time I
tried to read it.  I got the abridged version at a Lodge yard
sale by accident .  The theosophist kept telling me "you really
don't want to by this book, most people can't read it).  Well, of
course I was challenged.  I was determined to find out why
anybody would waste time studying this mess.  Finally the stanzas
of Dzan began to open my intuition.  They effected me
subconciously, occultly.  I've been hooked ever sense.

When where you first really disappointed by the T.S.  or fellow
theosophists? (maybe you haven't been) Oh lucky incarnation!

Well, I almost gave up trying to fathom the unfathomably, which
is still unfathomable, but at least I know it is,.  when Bing
Escudero came to lectrue.  He presented the whole system in chart
form and this dunce (me) finally began to glimpse the grand

We all rallyed around him.  Well as you know he ran for President
a while back and there has never been a sadder spectacle for me
as regards theosophy.  Bing himself was no saint.  He refused to
print a platform in the AT.  What he did print were really snide,
petty attacks at the current regime, nothing spirtiual at all.
Everyone was so excited! They knew he had the votes.  But my
powers of clairvoyance (or mabe just world weary savvy) where
never stronger.  Rules were suddenly created to make throwing
away "incorrectly filled out ballots" (those with Bing's name and
a little more) possible.  A outside consultant could have been
called in to count the votes, but this might have resulted in
Bing's election (which is unthinkable, "he might bankrupt us"

Maybe its what the Masters wanted who knows.

So tell me about your first time.

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