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Jan 20, 1995 08:32 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Jerry,

I don't really want you to put 100 pp.  on the theos-net.  That's
too much trouble, & won't lead to anything anyway.

I'm not in the least interested in reading Tillet's book, not
even if you sent it to me for free, because I think it contains a
lot of filthy, untrue garbage.  You're right, I read some of it,
& that's exactly what I told the 7 Rays Book Store when I made
them take it back, that it was filthy, untrue garbage..

Just for instance, I am convinced that whatever CWL said at the
hearing you keep on referring to, it wasn't a confession to what
you & others think he did.  That's why I wanted you to quote
chapter & verse.  I am very sure that he did no such thing.  I
don't need to look at the Wheaton or Adyar archives, because I'm
in touch with someone who knew CWL personally, & that person has
no reason to lie to me, has never lied to me, in all the years
I've known them.  But that's not something you, or the other hate
mongers, and that's what you are (& you seem to revel in it), are
going to believe.  Just for instance, you make such a big to do
about that CWL told the boys to keep something secret.  All CWL's
pupils.  male & female, were & are bound to secrecy for much of
what he taught them.  So that's not the horrible thing you make
it out to be.  It was just a general rule.

If you have a lot of other activities going on, so do I.  How
about if you stop putting derogatory remarks about CWL on the
internet, & letting a bunch of us feel happier that this junk is
done & over with.  Again, I don't think you'd be crude enough to
say derogatory things about the Virgin Mary to a devout
Christian, or maybe I'm just thinking you wouldn't, because I
wouldn't do such a thing.  Anyway, CWL is our Virgin Mary, and
the remarks you & your friends make are crude.

In Sisterhood

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