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Jan 18, 1995 00:41 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


LD> Dear Jerry,
> I need to repeat a request to you. I need for you to tell me
> exactly what was in those documents concerning CWL which you
> cited & then interpreted. I need to know exactly what those
> documents say, not what someone else thinks they say. I'd
> appreciate it though if you would put your answer on anything
> but theos-roots, because I asked to be signed off from roots
> several days ago, & it must be taking effect any day now. I'm
> not interested in the history of the TS or CWL enough to waste
> any more time on it. I'm interested in putting in my time
> trying to solve today's problems. I really feel sorry for you
> that you don't have anything more productive to do. Enjoy!
> Liesel

     You need not feel sorry for me, I have more than enough to
do that I consider "productive."  I'm in graduate school, taking
six units each semester.  I research and write an average of one
paper each month (usually about 20 pages each), twelve months a
year, as well as doing research for my thesis.  These activities
easily take up 40 to 60 hours a week.  I also moderate two
theosophical study groups each week (a beginning and an
intermediate class).  That is another six or eight hours, plus
prep. time.  I also teach writing to freshmen students at the
University.  That requires 3 to 6 hours preparation for every
hour of classroom time.  During my "spare time," I have several
personal research projects, and I also assist others in theirs.
I also have a mail order book business when I can work it in, and
work in the garden when I can.  Frankly the Leadbeater scandal is
very old hat to me.  Other than answering questions about it on
this net, I don't spend any time on it at all.

     Regarding your request that you say you are repeating: "to
tell me exactly what was in those documents concerning CWL which
you cited & then interpreted...."  This is the first time I have
seen your request.  Exactly what do you want me to tell you that
I haven't said already?  The nine documents I cited make up
almost 100 pages of reading.  Surely you are not asking me to
post the almost 100 pages of documents on theos-l after you had
requested the discussion on Leadbeater to move to theos-roots?
Why are you asking me to do this, when in your same message you
assure me that you have no interest in "the history of the TS or
CWL enough to waste any more time on it" ?  Considering your
stated attitude, I don't see how anything would be resolved by
it.  If I post those 100 pages on the net, all you have to say is
that I made the documents up.  If I flew to New York (or New
Jersey?), knocked on your door, and personally showed you the
documents you can always say that they are forgeries.  There is
always an answer for any evidence, regardless of what it is.  I
already told you that CWL admitted to the charges against him.
You won't accept that.  Why would my quoting CWL admitting to the
charges make any difference to you?  Those who are open to
discovering the truth on the matter, will find plenty to think
about in Tillett's ~The Elder Brother~ which *quotes* (not cites)
many of the cogent sections of those documents, including CWL's
confession.  If you are really interested in exploring this
matter in an open way, I'll be happy to send you a copy of
Tillett's book ($12.00, postage included. I remember you saying
that you had returned your copy to the bookstore after reading a
few pages).  After you read the book, you may want more extended
quotes from certain documents for clarification.  In that case, I
will be happy to accommodate you.

     On the other hand, if you want to read the documents for
yourself in their entirety, Wheaton has a copy of all of the
documents that I have cited plus others in their archives (not
the Boris deZirkoff Archives, but the American Section Archives).
All you need to do is apply through John Algeo for permission to
see them.  If John turns you down, then you might apply to Radha
Burnier, who has the originals in the Adyar Archives, to make
copies available to you.  Now, if Radha also turns you down, then
you might ask yourself why.  Perhaps they are hiding something?
Think about it.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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