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Re: Words and Names

Jan 21, 1995 08:09 PM
by LieselFD

This is sort of off the top of my head ...  to bat around a
little.  Now that I think of it, I agree with you that HPB &
other Theosophical classics should be left in the language as
they were written.  I really wouldn't want to read an unoriginal
original, if I were trying to find out what HPB actually meant
when she herself wrote.  If we can understand Chaucer &
Shakespeare, we can understand HPB.

On the other hand, I think John Crocker had a point the other day
with that some of our ideas & ideals are expressed in such an
antiquated fashion that yo ung people are turned off.  If we want
the TS to continue to blossom, we need to be able to attract
young people.  One way I can think of doing this is by first
introducing these to the writings of present day Theosophists,
such as Adam Warcup & Shirley Nicholson, to mention 2 who come to
mind.  I think that maybe the new Institute in Wheaton might lend
itself to developing programs for younger people, & their
concerns.  It's still rather nebulous as to what the Institute is
going to be like.

Another avenue would be our growing collection of video tapes,
some of which could be designed for younger viewers.  Also, I've
been a Member at Large for a number of years & haven't heard any
National Speakers for quite a while.  They too, I think, should
present Theosophy in view of modern day concerns.  I'd like to
see us discuss this a little more, because I think it's very
pertinent, & necessary.  What I just typed here is just what I
thought of on the spur of the moment.  Liesel

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