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Dual Memberships

Jan 18, 1995 01:29 PM
by Eldon Tucker

This is by Eldon Tucker


Paul Johnson:

I'm responding to your comment regarding the value of dual
memberships, in joining the different theosophical groups.

When I was younger, I also joined different groups. My
impression at that time was that the Pasadena T.S. would
*not* let me join them, because they had a restriction
against "mixing karmic streams" and required quitting other
spiritual groups. Obviously, this is not the case now...

I "joined" the ULT by leaving an Associate Card at the
Santa Barbara Branch, and by sending in one to the LA Branch.
Would I therefore consider myself a ULT Member? No, because
I don't actively go to ULT meetings or participate in
their activities. My membership is only symbolic, figerative,
and not a living, vital participation. This is not to say
that I won't involve myself with ULT activities in the future,
if circumstances permit...

My main involvement has been in working for the Point Loma,
Adyar, and Independent groups, but I've involved myself
with projects that arise without regard for which group is
sponsoring them.

I'd agree that it's valuable to participate in the different
groups, to help break down any barriers between groups. This
includes not being doubtful about people of other groups until
they prove themselves. It includes not hesitating to work for
Theosophy regardless of a project's sponsor. And it includes
referring people to whatever group may be good for them,
rather than solely working to build support for one's favorite

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