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Re: Theosophy Exploring

Dec 29, 1994 11:40 AM
by Arthur Patterson

Since I asked for the information, I thought even though I have
talked about my interests to do it on the survery.  So one more

>Name or Net Handle:

Arthur Paul Patterson, this is my actual name but I have used my
middle name up until about six months ago.  My name Arthur is the
name I write under and is my net name.  I have had such big
changes to my life that I decided a name change was in order.

>1. What brought you to Theosophy in the first place?

Actually it was the need I feel to have an over arching and
non-dogmatic perspective from which to stand as I attempt to
forge my spiritual path.  I was once called a Theosophist in a
deriding way by a very conservative Christian.  I didn't know
what it was then but now I see they might be considerably
correct.  And I am beginning to see that they were complimenting
me unawares.

>2. What variety of Theosophy do you tend to affliate with?

I have no idea.  But I have been reading in Blavatsky ( and the
huge bibliography of her by Sylvia Cranston) and Rudolf Steiner.

>3. What geographic area do you hail from?

I live two block from where I was born.  And I love love living
in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada despite the horrific winters.  I
spent four years in Vancouver and while on a physical level I
found it wonderful I missed the ruggedness of our up and down

>4. What are your areas of interests?

I love Charles Dickens and have just published a piece on
Ebeneezer Scrooge in the Dicken's Quarterly.  My most profound
spiritual influence outside of Christianity is C.G.  Jung.  My
wife and I counsel and teach at a small educational group in
Winnipeg called Watershed.  I am interested in all things Celtic.
I have a step son 3 years old called Erik and my son Sean is an
avid advocate of the Druid path even at 12 years old.  We have
great times talking interreligiously.  He wants me to take the my
Irish Celtic background more serious and I want him not to judge
all Christians by the cover of fundamental literalism.  We have
great talks.

> 5.  What do you feel is the most helpful about participating in
> the Theos -l Listserv?

Even though we have gone through some quarrels I find the quality
of the people on Theos-l to be excellent.  I have seen
compassion, passion, widom and a lot of knowledge.  I actually am
beginning to strike up friendships with some of these net
partners, this for me is central.

Secondly, it is a better resource than even private research
because I get to see how Theosophy is translated into life and
flesh and blood.

Toward Consciousness,

Arthur Paul Patterson

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