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psychic development

Dec 29, 1994 08:26 AM
by William Allen


Please, whatever I said that gave you the idea that you are not a
favored correspondent, accept my apology.  I did not mean to
imply anything of the sort.  If it has to do with my remark on
"nastiness," on the net, that was an ill-considered phrase and I
retract it.  Quite honestly, I'm enough of a novice to not know
who CWL was and not to care.  I simply deleted those discussions
as being over my head.

Your explanation of psychic development was clear and
appreciated.  I feel pretty sure that all of us have from time to
time experiences that we might class as psychic.  The quote in
your post yesterday made such experiences sound like stumbling
blocks and I was particularly interested to know how one might
shut them off.  I suspected that one couldn't.

What you said today makes good sense:

Some people do have psychic experiences, and so they have them.
We object to "sitting for development" ...  to forcing psychic
development, because we think that isn't the best thing to do.
(We also try to steer clear of seances.  If you'd like an
explanation of that, please ask me) We encourage people to
concentrate instead on developing character & wisdom first.

That's clearly stated.  Thank you.
Best wishes,

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