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Re: Patience Sweet

Dec 29, 1994 08:45 AM
by William Allen


Thanks for your follow-up.  I must confess that it left me
somewhat puzzled and distraught.  Intellectually I can grasp and
accept what you say:

> Briefly then, Theosophy and Buddhism both teach that the prime
> evil is selfishness or a sense of separateness.  Thus our normal
> attitude to the negatives is already one of repulsion.  How many
> on this net can stomach even the written (not to mention verbal
> or personal) "through a glass darkly" barks and snarls with
> equanimity, much less embrace them? But as Je Rinpoche said,
> patience is the supreme *armor*.  Paradoxically, if one's
> attitude is truly accepting, even welcoming of life's horrors,
> that stance, in itself, is protective and soothing.  Of course
> the foundation of this bearing must be built up lovingly,
> carefully and wisely.  Which is what the words mean "*in every
> way familiarize yourself* with the armor of patience supreme".

This morning (after a fitful night), I can verbalize my distress.
What is the middle path? For those for whom Je Rinpoche's
admonition is an unattainable goal at the moment (today, the next
year??), what is the solution? What is the middle path? "The
foundation...must be built up lovingly, carefully and wisely." As
I look at the world and as I look within I fear that what I see
as the functioning middle path for dealing with suffering is
drugs, alcohol, abusive behavior, depression.  What would Je
Rinpoche say to the vast unhappy masses who as yet are unprepared
to put on the "armor of patience supreme?"


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