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Theosophy Exploring

Dec 29, 1994 07:55 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

To Jerry Hejka-Ekins,

Jerry Writes: Anthroposophy has its own direction--in many ways
very different from Theosophy.  Personally I find their practical
applications very much worth looking at--such as Eurythmy,
Biodynamic gardening and the Waldorf schools.  What did they
decide on for the reincarnation question?

Art : I found it interesting that while they focussed on the
practical in their litertature I experienced the group as far
more "heady" than theos-l.  They didn't decide about who comes
back after how long as long as I was on the group.  Perhaps I
should have stuck around.  Regardless, Steiner's approach to
perception does interest me tremendously.  He has a sort of in
depth perception which strikes at the roots of reality.  I also
liked his staged approach just learning to listen or to see what
is infront of you and differentiating the differences between
qualities of perception.

(Section Snipped for brevity)

Art: Common Interests - undoubtably.  Where are you studying? I
find it interesting that I ended up being interested in academic
stuff since I dropped out of school in grade 10.  Of course, I
returned as an adult but I never thought I would take up studies
with such zeal.  I am not too institutionally oriented but I
enjoyed my time there.  Now I am much more content being self
taught, and tutored by those I encounter, again.

Jerry: Perhaps I'm projecting, but I feel that you are coming
from much the same spirit--"what is the source of that idea?";
"how has that ideas changed?"; who was influential upon whom?"
HPB's writings are in this spirit, and that is probably how I
came to appreciate this approach.  You might try Preston's
~Abridgement of The Secret Doctrine~ and see how it feels.  It's
only a quarter the size of the original, and I think
representative of the whole.

Art: Beside the fact that we live and learn through projection of
one form or another, I want to affirm your comment that we have
similar interests and intellectual desires.  I am sure that many
Theosophists hold the need to explore an over- arching
non-dogmatic perspective that gives the structure needed for
intereligious or interspiritual appreciation.

Text snipped.

Art: I will write to your Canadian Contact.  Thanks alot.

AP> If you have any information on how these aspects of authority
were used please send it my way.  It isn't that I have this huge
authority issue in a psychological sense, although that is never
far from any of us, it is just that I think the idea of taking
full responsibility to what you bind yourself to is central to
spiritual growth.

I'll send you a copy of that pamphlet.  I think it will go a long
way to giving you a lot of insight as to what is behind the
recent discussions.  Please e-mail me your address.

My snail mail address is
                                       Arthur Paul Patterson
                                       694 Victor Street,
                                       Winnipeg, MB
                                       R3E 1Y5

Question: I am not sure that I am not transgressing Netiquette, I
don't mean to pry, but I would like to hear something about some
of the members.  A newcomer comes on, spends a great deal of time
introducing themselves, but they don't have a clue as to who is
on the other side.  If any one wants to briefly answer some of a
novice's inquirys, with absolutely no pressure to do so, could
you tell me:

Name or Net Handle:

1. What brought you to Theosophy in the first place?

2. What variety of Theosophy do you tend to affliate with?

3. What geographic area do you hail from?

4. What are your areas of interests?

5.  What do you feel is the most helpful about participating in
the Theos -l Listserv?

If the questions seem boorish or invasive in anyway please do not
answer them, I do respect your autonomy- this is only for those
who genuinely want to answer.

Toward Consciousness,

Arthur Paul Patterson

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