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Re: In my thoughts

Dec 16, 1993 03:01 PM
by John Mead

> John Mead and All those who have read GASSHO
> What is the possibility that we can come up with a similar electronic
> on-line system for theosophical teachings? John, are you planning to
> send a copy of the postings to TSA headquarters ( perhaps in hard
> copy format) so as to provide them some input for instituting
> self-study courses, with help from an on-line teacher via this
> network? John Algeo, the new head of TSA seems to be very much
> oriented towards offering courses to all those interested and what
> better system can we have that reaches all remote locations than
> this network (I have even seen e-mail from India and Taiwan, not to
> mention European countries and Australia etc.)? Is there an e-mail
> address for anyone at TSA headquarters (or other similar esoteric
> organizations)?

John Algeo has been very supportive of the efforts to get Theosophy
onto the Internet etc. We all seem to agree that this is the best media
to handle the enlarging numbers of Members-at-large. It is the best
way to unite them into a community that will be comfortable for
them. I was never too much for local lodges myself. Too
independent & too much a hermit to have to deal with people at set
specific times of the day/week. On-line you can talk at 3am
without waking them up :-)

It is also really good to get cross communications going between the
various societies too.

A good example is how Bailey's books are often criticized until you
get out into the less secluded world. Everyone I know (NON TS) has read
Bailey but few have ever seriously considered Blavatsky as worth reading
(I'm not sure why... different people just resonate to different
cultural/language/communication paths. Bailey seems to really talk to
ALOT of people TODAY much more so than Blavatsky. I like them both
and find differences to be mostly one of interpretation rather
real philosophical divergences). my 2 cents worth.

We need to find three members at large to form a recognized TSA
study group. When this happens, I am sure that TSA National will
get an online account. I think I have talked the Fieldwork department
into getting an account set up in any case. Of course these things
move slowly...

I have sent a sample Month's postings to National. They have also seen
the TS Help/Introduction file (runs under windows with graphics etc)
which Don created. I suggest you contact him (I think he is on
Theos-Buds) to see what his latest project is. The glimpses/whispers
have been exciting...

When National gets an On-line account, we will definitely be
trying to get a National Electronic Newsletter going along with
other additions to our on-line libraries/archives. There MAY be some
tender spots with Copyright, but they are usually reasonable.
After all... we are all on the same team (we sometimes forget that
though :-)

Peace --

John Mead

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