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In my thoughts

Dec 16, 1993 02:01 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Several persons/topics have been in my thoughts in the last few days. I
hope to address some of these in this message in addition to replying to
Jerry H-E's last message (which I will probably do separately, although
there may be several points in this message related to HPB/AAB

On Meditation

Many thanks to Eldon for the contributions on meditation.  We have
been told that all three - study, service and meditation - are
necessary in the current age for discipleship service.  Meditation can
perhaps be defined as really an an effort to 'live as the soul' i.e.
to express the qualities of the soul - light, love, selflessnes to
name a few - consciously during daily living.  The part about
consciously 'living every moment as the soul' is ok (at least I
understand what I am supposed to do) but the problem I am having at
the moment is that when I sit down to meditate, I already know what I
am going to turn my thoughts on, nay I even know exactly what my
thoughts are going to be during the meditation period.  Perhaps I have
come to this condition because of warnings about being 'fully conscious,
alert during meditation, in order to avoid developing the lower
psychic capabilities like automatic writing or channeling'. I have a
tough time understanding how to shut off the mind and yet being fully
alert, 'receptive' type of meditation being discouraged. Any comments
will be welcome!

Donald DeGracia/Eldon Tucker

Thank you very much for your explanation of Globes/Planes and related
topics. We did not touch upon the controversy between Sinnett and
Blavatsky regarding 'the earth chain' (I believe that Sinnett thought
that Mars and Venus are part of the Earth chain and HPB did not,
something like that...).  When you get a chance, perhaps you can
mention something about how chains, and 'human' monads fit into this
scheme.  I read somewhere that there are 65 Billion human monads (out
of which some 5 Billion are in incarnation at this time) on the earth
chain, many of them have not ever incarnated into human form so far in
this Second Solar System...

Brenda /Eldon Tucker

Thank you once again, for coming to my rescue with that quote from a
footnote in SD on the 'psychological key'.   What AAB calls
'psychology' is not the normal (currently understood) discipline that
is taught in our academic schools but rather 'esoteric' aspects of a
human being, from the angle of his soul.  I'd classify it along with
the 7th key in Eldon's classification (i.e. Atma-Vidya is the
psychological key to SD).

John Mead and All those who have read GASSHO

What is the possibility that we can come up with a similar electronic
on-line system for theosophical teachings?  John, are you planning to
send a copy of the postings to TSA headquarters (perhaps in hard copy
format) so as to provide them some input for instituting self-study
courses, with help from an on-line teacher via this network? John
Algeo, the new head of TSA seems to be very much oriented towards
offering courses to all those interested and what better system can we
have that reaches all remote locations than this network (I have even
seen e-mail from India and Taiwan, not to mention European countries
and Australia etc.)? Is there an e-mail address for anyone at TSA
headquarters (or other similar esoteric organizations)?

Jim Meier

Thanks for another wonderful card! Where did you purchase these?  We
hope to send you a Card containing the Great Invocation in Gold/Blue
soon.  And if you happen to be in this area some time, please call me
at 214 867-0101 (Res) or (214) 867-0101 so we can get together! We
have the TSA regional get-together in Dallas in June 94.  Will you be
attending that?


I have not let any opportunity pass by without writing down one of the
Mantrams that I know by heart!  Unless otherwise stated, all these
have been taken from the Bailey books, I do believe that many of these
are English translations of ancient Mantrams (from the Indian Vedas
and othe scriptures) although I saw them for the first time (in this
incarnation!) in the Bailey books.  This below is supposed to be a
version of the translation of the famous Gayatri Mantram.

O Thou who giveth sustenance to the Universe

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