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Re: Pluto on T.S. chart

Dec 16, 1993 02:59 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

1994 looks like a very good year indeed for the TS. I ran a
transit program and found, other than the ambiguous Pluto/Sun
conjunction, 22 positive transits compared to 5 negative and
one neutral. FYI they are in chronological order Pluto trine
Midheaven 1/14, Uranus trine Pluto 1/18, Saturn sextile Neptune
2/6, Neptune trine Pluto 3/3, Uranus sextile Sun 3/11, Saturn
trine Mercury 3/22, Pluto trine midheaven (again) 4/18, Saturn
square Venus 4/23, Jupiter conjunct Mercury 5/30, Neptune trine
Pluto 6/20, Uranus sextile Sun (again) 6/22, Pluto conjunct Sun
(again) 7/25, Jupiter conjunct Mercury (again) 8/3, Pluto
conjunct Sun (last pass) 8/17, Saturn square Venus 8/25, Uranus
trine Pluto 9/9, Jupiter conjunct Jupiter 9/30, Jupiter square
Mars 10/11, Saturn trine Mercury 10/13, Jupiter trine ascendant
10/13, Uranus trine Pluto (last pass) 10/24, Jupiter square
Saturn 10/24, Jupiter square Uranus 10/24, Jupiter opposition
Pluto 11/5, Pluto trine midheaven (last pass) 11/7, Jupiter
conjunct Sun 11/18, Jupiter trine midheaven 11/27, Saturn trine
Mercury (last pass) 12/6, Jupiter trine Moon 12/9, and Uranus
sextile Sun 12/29.

Looks like a great renewal of intellectual vitality to me,
combined with drastic change, high visibility, and relatively
little resistance.

By the way, my earlier remark about Pluto and my book referred
to my own Pluto/Sun conjunction, not the T.S.'s. The society has a lot
more than one book happening in 94. Is there anyone out there
interested in looking at various crises in Theosophical history
in terms of the transits to the Society's chart?

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