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A nice quote

Dec 18, 1999 12:27 PM
by ramadoss

A friend sent me this quote:

"...the undersigned [HPB] accepts for her views and walk in life
no authority dead or living, no system of philosophy or religion
but one--namely, the esoteric teachings of ethics and philosophy
of those she calls "MASTERS"...Nothing of that which is conducive
to help man, collectively or individually to live--not
"happily"--but less "unhappily" in this world, ought to be
indifferent to the Theosophist-Occultist...
his first duty is to
be ever ready to help if he can, without stopping to

there may be those who are starving for truth in
every department of the science of nature, and who consequently
are yearning to learn the esoteric views about "cosmology, the
evolution of man and of the Universe."	HPB -  WHAT SHALL WE DO
FOR OUR FELLOW MEN?  October 1889
	HPB Articles I, pp. 459-60.

I think that HPB's statement about our being ever ready to help seems to be
the key and foundation to our gradually understanding "theosophical" truths
for ourselves.

Something to think about.


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