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Re: Tepaphone?

Dec 18, 1999 09:44 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 99-12-18 10:32:33 EST, you write:

<< Point is, if you've attempted to do serious testing of your psionic
 devices, you've probably also faced (and hopefully worked through) a lot of
 the same difficulties I'm looking at - in essence, how does one accurately
 measure the physical effects of a specific, but decidedly non-physical
 cause?  >>

You've hit the nail on the head!

Most of my early experiments were sort of hit and miss affairs, quite
literally!!!  But then I had the good fortune to become romantically involved
with a nurse who worked with intensive care patients on telemetry.

With that somewhat unethical advantage, I set up the experiments as follows.

A witness of the patient (who had no idea this was going on because otherwise
the data would get screwed up) was placed in the psionic device in a closed
room with a simple audio amplifier plugged into the machine.  The amplifier
was on a random timer with a recording device to give us a record of the time
the machine was on.

The system was set to run for one day.

My nurse-friend then made off with the telemetry data for that day (ain't
xerox machines wunnerful!) and we compared the times and the changes in data.

The results were fascinating.  There was nearly a 90% correlation between
significant data changes and the time the instrument was powered.  The other
10% of changes in the patient could be attributed to other causes
(medication, visit from family) and had to be discarded.

Naturally, no academic could have gotten away with this.  You just mention
involuntary percipients and they run around in circles waving their hands in
the air and speaking barbarous words of imprecation, but that's one of the
benefits of working idependantly.  No peer review!

And now that I have a brother in law who is a venture capitalist, I finally
have decent funding.

Now, as far as the tepaphone goes.  I have one up and running!!

The story of the device is fascinating.  It actually was an optically based
psionic instrument rather than a 1920's radionic device that most people
think and the original and the plans for it were destroyed in the bombings of

Well, as soon as I read the Bardon book I wanted one of those toys and I set
to work on it, making the same mistake as everyone else, thinking in terms of
a standard, old-fashioned radionic device.  At about the time I figured out
my mistake, certain mysterious europeans (guess who!!!) contacted me through
a magician friend.   It seems that the plans had not been completely
destroyed and they needed an expert in psionics to help them figure out the
design and help them rebuild the device.   We negotiated back and forth for
about a year and that fell through because they got a bit paranoid at the
thought of someone else having their sacred machine (a lot of mystical
gobbeldygook in their minds about it!).  But by that time I had the plans for
mine already done and after much trial and tribulation I am now the proud
possessor of a tepaphone.


The tepaphone has a nasty reputation because of the Bardon book and the folks
who originated it but it is nothing more than a psionic projector, which
means it can project any type of psychic energy, not merely unpleasant stuff,
fun though that may be.

Chuck the Inventive Heretic

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