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Dec 18, 1999 07:26 AM
by JRC

Chuck! You're fooling with this stuff? - (haven't heard the word Tepaphone
since I read Franz Bardon's shamelessly self-promoting "lessons" (-:) - a
character in a book about him, by the way, a member of a "Black Lodge", uses
the Tepaphone to cause a fatal heart attack in someone halfway across town).

But, I'm curious ... are you using any empirical methods to test the effects
of such devices? I've finally got a few people trained and disciplined
enough to begin testing the effects of focussing angelic currents, and have
made contacts within a local hospital that can provide me with almost any
data I need ... however, faced with trying to figure out how to define the
parameters of the study, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm hypothesizing that I can
improve both the speed and extent of patient recovery in a surgical recovery
ward, perhaps in some cases dramatically, but I want to measure this - and
there are difficulties. Obviously I want to somehow statistically isolate
the effects of what I'm doing from the  effects of other causes ... but
trying to figure out how to do this is problematic. Certainly some tactics
can be used ... the common techniques used in testing the effects of any
drug or treatment program, ... but this really is to some degree a special
case. Point is, if you've attempted to do serious testing of your psionic
devices, you've probably also faced (and hopefully worked through) a lot of
the same difficulties I'm looking at - in essence, how does one accurately
measure the physical effects of a specific, but decidedly non-physical
cause? Am I gonna have to buy one of your books (-:)? -JRC

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