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Re: Tepaphone?

Dec 19, 1999 11:50 AM
by Murray Stentiford

Ha! (I didn't plagiarize that)

Interesting subject, Chuck and JRC.

I have a friend who has been making electronic-type devices for generating
"quantum" fields for some time now, that are showing more-than-interesting
results in informal tests, with pain relief and accelerated healing. The
base level of these fields is essentially electromagnetic with a relatively
broad spectrum of harmonics (from low audio to several megaHertz), at quite
low intensities.

Not quite in the same class, but still interesting, is the emergence of
static ie non-oscillatory magnetic field devices for easing pain. Some of
these are coming out of respectable :) academic institutions and commercial
organizations. One of the devices I'm aware of has four disk magnets close
together, making a larger "disk", with alternating North and South pole
faces facing out as you go around the group. It seems the gradient of the
field is important, not just how strong it is, and this layout gives high
gradients, ie variations over distance, of the magnetic field. I'm hearing
of people who are delighted to report pain relief in times as short as 10
minutes, while they are wearing them.

>I've finally got a few people trained and disciplined
>enough to begin testing the effects of focussing angelic currents, and have
>made contacts within a local hospital that can provide me with almost any
>data I need ...

I find this development very interesting. I've seen little bits of info.
that indicate that some scientific or medical researchers around the world
are becoming open (and creative) enough to begin conceiving experiments on
several frontiers like this. Some of this stuff is called distant healing.

These are gutsy people, real explorers, with a bit of vision.

And the prospect of putting the existence of angels to the test could be,
from experience, scary. Scary in case there turns out to be nothing to it,
and scary if it turns out there is. But beyond that, exhilarating and

Whatever the case, we are in the middle of a huge opportunity to assist a
major shift in human understanding of the universe.

That means us; passionate, occasionally grumpy, theosophical type people
that we are.


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