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Re: Response to Kym

Oct 15, 1999 07:49 PM
by Alan

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> From: Gerald Schueler <>
> Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 3:00 PM
> Subject: Response to Kym

> I like to think that
> we Theosophists are a bit more mature than most

ROFIH!  [Rolls on floor in hysterics]

Sorry, Jerry!

I am often tempted to think that our brains are more addled than most.
A nice word, "addled."

Robert Neill, a novelist, writing in his book, "Moon in Scorpio" has the
famous 17th Century astrologer Gadbury say of an acquaintance in a
coffee house in 17th Cent. London, "He hath Mercury in the Fishes, and
his brain is addled with it!"

A friend of mine once remarked (of the astrological "fishes") that the
world was in need of a Piscean-English dictionary.  One Piscean I know
once said (among many similar sayings) "My birthday was on Friday 13th
this year.  It's on the 13th next year as well."

I mention this. because whether or not he is a Piscean, Frank's command
of English is clearly not as yours or mine.

Love to all, with extra to Kym.

Alan :0)

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