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Re: Re to Alan

Oct 15, 1999 08:13 PM
by Alan

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> From: Gerald Schueler <>
> Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 9:56 PM
> Subject: Re to Alan

> >>To "sign up" for TI is
> simply to state one's intention to pursue theosophical ideals, and
> furthermore to actively study.  Anyone can sign up, but no one can be
> thrown out!<<
> Hi Alan. Gee, with you and Chuck back it seems like old times
> again.

Fun, ain't it?  :0)
> While I do agree with what you say above, I don't see how
> anyone can "pursue theosophical ideals" while slandering
> the leaders of other TSs?

I suppose one *can* - but it don't make us look good, do it? OTOH, if
one's perception of this or that leader of any TS is that he or she is
an umnitigated asshole, what is one supposed (theosophically) to do,
when we proclaim that there is no religion higher than truth - a
statement I am coming to perceive increasingly as plain daft.  Pilate
was no fool when has asked, "What is truth?"

> Doesn't throwing stones at
> ourself (we are, after all, all Theosophists) just hurt the
> entire Movement?  History is such a touchy subject...
I agree on both points.  However, it must be observed - correction, is
may be useful to observe (don't want to issue imperatives) that insider
stone-throwing seems endemic to organisations per se.


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