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Re: What is the Cause of Theosophy?

Oct 14, 1999 02:17 AM
by hesse600

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:36:48 -0400 Gerald Schueler
<> wrote:

> >>>What you fail to mention is that the kicked off members, who
> denied to break their vows for the truth, were working and still do work for
> the cause of Theosophy. >>
> What you fail to mention, Frank, is that they were working
> for their own brand/version of Theosophy, as was CWL and
> everyone else. We can't all agree on what "Theosophy" is,
> even on this list.  How much more so in a TS?
I do wonder why it is so difficult to unite different
versions of theosophy into one organisation?
Are you saying Jerry that to defend that ideal is wrong?
Should it not be our aim to unite different ways of
thinking about theosophy into one organisation? What else
does the second object (Adyar or Theosophy International -
versions ) mean, in combination to the first?

NHL Leeuwarden

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