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Re: What is the Cause of Theosophy?

Oct 13, 1999 10:54 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

I strongly protest against the uninterrupted slanders you make against
Blavatsky's Theosophy.
All the true standing pupils of KT and GdeP like Dr. Edge, Emmett Small,
Elsie Benjamin, Boris de Zirkoff or G. Barborka which were persecuted by the
jealousy and dark minded Conger gang remained to follow the Original
It was Conger/Long/Knoche who forced the people to blind beliefs and changed
the teachings, not their victims as you are twisting.

Your attacks against me personally doesn't concern me much for two reasons:
First I know who you are, Second I don't enter your psycho games, I was
always mentioning historical facts of which we have dozens of eyewitnesses.
You may support or reject this. But calling someone ill says many about the
person who does so. Obviously I stated the truth, otherwise there would have
been no reason for such an outburst from you.


> What you fail to mention, Frank, is that they were working
> for their own brand/version of Theosophy, as was CWL and
> everyone else. We can't all agree on what "Theosophy" is,
> even on this list.  How much more so in a TS? You seem to
> have such an incredibly narrow sense of right and wrong that I
> suspect you may have an borderline personality disorder.
> You really do need professional help, Frank. This is not
> a flame but a concern. Whether you seek help or not,
> you need to get a grip.
> With love,
> Jerry S.

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