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Re: Theosophical Fanaticism

Oct 13, 1999 11:09 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> >>No TS is higher than the TRUTH.
> Hate the hate and love the love. And the love for truth.
> Frank>>

> Truth is in the eyes of the beholder. We all see it differently.
> Hatred is ALWAYS wrong.

I was merely quoting G. de Purucker. No wonder you hate the followers of

> I wish that all of this hate-mongering would go away from
> these lists. Especially since Theosophists are supposed
> to be developing compassion.  I am very tired of all of
> the CWL bashing, Conger bashing, Adyar bashing, Pasadena
> bashing, ULT bashing and so on and on like a bunch of
> children.  As far as I am concerned, Frank and anyone else
> who sends personal flames against people are hypocrites.

Don't tell us such silly lies. You know well that I don't have attacked the
person Conger. I have attacked his black actions in his office as leader of
the TS.
If you forbit us to critisize the evil doings which resulted in the greatest
dissolution in the history of the TM, then I have to ask your view of
Theosophy and the TS: Do you want the TS to be a sect where the members have
not the right to critizise the elected ones? G. de Purucker always fought
against such a policy and invited his members to think for themselves and
even to learn to critizise.

> Dallas has argued that we should not flame Blavatsky or Judge
> because they are dead and cannot defend themselves. Yet
> I don't hear this same argument in any defense of CWL or
> Conger. Strange huh...
> I am a liscensed professional counselor with a PhD in
> Human Services and a lot of psychology courses etc, and

Applause, all will be proud of you.

> my professional opinion is that Frank is exhibiting a
> compulsive obsessive behavior disorder, and I strongly
> recommend that he gets some professional help.  While

You want me to say, that only your lies about the victims of Conger's
attacks are ill and that you are well?
It is a matter of fact that many pychologists are themselves a little bit
And as pyschology says that persons like the Dalai Lama, Jesus Christ and
also H.P. Blavatsky are suffering on psychical illness I really don't worry
about that you now include me in that list.

 > In short, if we can't talk like adults about Theosophical
> history, then we shouldn't talk about it at all.
> Anyone, not just Frank but anyone, who flames
> people and espouses compassion, is a hypocrite
> (nothing wrong with flaming ideas) pure and simple.

Everyone who has followed the discussions and your attacks can decide for
him-/herself who is adult and who is not, I'm sure.
I repeat that I didn't attacked the person Conger, but only the then leader
of the TS.
I was judging his threats to the Point Loma peoples to blindly believe that
he has the same occult powers as HPB, whereas he teached and acted in the
opposite way.
I am sorry that in your twisted version of Theosophy there is no place for

> Calling other people names like "Black Magician"
> is childish and as Theosophists we should have

What name then you have to offer when someone says he has the same occult
powers as HPB, but shows not a little sign that his words are true?
Is that White Magic?

> grown out of that phase of our development. Jung
> would say that such a person is projecting from their
> own shadow. Furthermore, to denigrate modern
> psychology as an excuse for one's childish behavior is
> also childish. We need to grow up before our
> Theosophical Movement becomes a laughing stock.
> Jerry S.

The more we need to care for that the Theosophical Movement don't turns into
a PSYCHLOGICAL Movement, O son of the moon.


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