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What is the Cause of Theosophy?

Oct 13, 1999 06:36 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>>What you fail to mention is that the kicked off members, who
denied to break their vows for the truth, were working and still do work for
the cause of Theosophy. >>

What you fail to mention, Frank, is that they were working
for their own brand/version of Theosophy, as was CWL and
everyone else. We can't all agree on what "Theosophy" is,
even on this list.  How much more so in a TS? You seem to
have such an incredibly narrow sense of right and wrong that I
suspect you may have an borderline personality disorder.
You really do need professional help, Frank. This is not
a flame but a concern. Whether you seek help or not,
you need to get a grip.

With love,

Jerry S.

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