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Re: Islam/Byzantium

Oct 14, 1999 02:20 AM
by hesse600

Thanks Grigor, I did not know this.
You wrote:
> There is another fact that most Europeans and Americans neglect.
> There was the eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium, next door until
> its fall in 1453.  It NEVER had a dark ages.  It had ALL the texts
> of antiquity.When western Europe wanted better translations of
> Aristotle from the Greek originals to debate the Arab interpretation
> called Averroism, they bought them from Byzantium.  Byzantium's
> imperial libraries and monastic libraries are turning up new finds to
> this day such as Piri Reis map.  Some fantasize that the Vatican
> has lost manuscripts buried in its vaults that would be of interest
> to theosophists.  No, it is the old Byzantine libraries in Istanbul.
> It is these libraries that HPB tried to get into, Gurdjieff tried to get
> into, RA Schwaller de Lubicz got into, and many new and strange
> things come out of like some of the maps of Hapgood.
NHL Leeuwarden

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