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Re: Theosophical Fanaticism

Oct 14, 1999 02:14 AM
by hesse600

Gerald Schueler wrote:

> >>No TS is higher than the TRUTH.
> Hate the hate and love the love. And the love for truth.
> Frank>>
> Truth is in the eyes of the beholder. We all see it differently.
> Hatred is ALWAYS wrong.
but also very human.

> I wish that all of this hate-mongering would go away from
> these lists. Especially since Theosophists are supposed
> to be developing compassion.  I am very tired of all of
> the CWL bashing, Conger bashing, Adyar bashing, Pasadena
> bashing, ULT bashing and so on and on like a bunch of
> children.  As far as I am concerned, Frank and anyone else
> who sends personal flames against people are hypocrites.

> In short, if we can't talk like adults about Theosophical
> history, then we shouldn't talk about it at all.
> Anyone, not just Frank but anyone, who flames
> people and espouses compassion, is a hypocrite
> (nothing wrong with flaming ideas) pure and simple.

I have noticed that it is very difficult to keep our
emotions clear and calm, on this list. It is difficult to
put our words in such a way that they don't arouse negative
emotions because people feel threatened. I think it is part
of learning how to deal with an e-mail-list. E-mails are
tricky because contrary to physical mail, sending one's
reaction is one move of the Mouse away. Carefully thinking
through a response is not the most efficient way of doing
things, also because a member of an e-mail-list receives so
much mail. So I think that that is part of the problem.
Contrary to physical-presence-communication we cannot see
directly how the other person reacts, how he/she looks when
giving feedback. I think we have to learn how to deal with
this new form of communication.

> Calling other people names like "Black Magician"
> is childish and as Theosophists we should have
> grown out of that phase of our development. Jung
> would say that such a person is projecting from their
> own shadow. Furthermore, to denigrate modern
> psychology as an excuse for one's childish behavior is
> also childish. We need to grow up before our
> Theosophical Movement becomes a laughing stock.

The Theosophical Movement is already a laughing stock to
many people, except those in it, of course. I don't know if
that is something to worry about.

NHL Leeuwarden

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