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HPB - Buddhism

Oct 14, 1999 02:05 AM
by hesse600

> Katinka wrote:
> > Mika wrote:
> > > Is there buddhists that do NOT believe that humans may reborn as
> > > animals??
> > HPB was a Buddhist and she believed that it is very rare
> > for humans to be reborn as animals.
Mika wrote:
> But HPB was not a 'normal' buddhist.
No, I suppose not.
> Sangharakshita says in 'The Three Jewels' that what incarnates is
> not a human ego but a 'constantly changing flow of psychic energy'
> and if this flow is made of lifetime long thoughts mainly of sex and
> food then this psychic energy is connected to animals
> consciousness (or not-yet-born animals) when reincarnation is at
> hand.
> I have thought this is the general view among buddhists and that
> theosophists just have their own interpretation which is not
> originated from buddhist texts.
I suppose I am one of those theosophists that needs to
study more Buddhism, because I do not know much about
Buddhist texts. My only excuse is that I have been in this
business for such a short time. (6 years)

NHL Leeuwarden

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