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Re: theos-l digest: September 14, 1999

Sep 16, 1999 07:37 AM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 9/15/1999 12:01:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< As soon as companies become big, they want status quo. It is true of all
 organizations and Theosophical is no exception. That is optimal for them
 but not for the world at large. >>

Follow-up to our French friend's comment, who may not see the comparison
between a temporal organization like Microsoft, and a "complete" one like the
Theosophical Society - I think it is important to remember that the T.S.
consists not only of eternal spirits but also of fallible human beings, who
are organized in a temporal way on this plane.  Therefore, it seems to me
that they could have the same kinds of problems that any organization may
develop.  These human beings are at various stages of spiritual development,
and pettiness may enter the picture as it may in any organization -
jealousies, power struggles, infighting.  Unfortunate but true.  Even Jesus'
apostles had problems - just look at what happened with Judas.

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