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The Ankh

Sep 07, 1999 09:46 AM
by John E Mead

>My name is Joshua Gulick.  I'm fairly new to this discussion list.

welcome Joshua!

> I was
>wondering if you knew the purpose of the ankh shape?
>while leaving the other intact.  I put pictures and stuff like that about it
>up on my site at

I visited your web site,  and read your ankh section.

your simplest 'monopole' magnetic field can be constructed from a bar magnetic
and iron ring.  just place the ring on top of the bar magnetic to form
the ankh  (leaving the cross bar out, as in you're first illustration).

to see the field lines just put a piece of paper over it with
iron filings.  You will find that the field lines are still
divergence-less   ( Del 'dot' B  = 0).

nice try though  :-)

>So, do theosophists know about this?  I couldn't find anything
>about it in
>the literature.

you will find most Theosophists scientifically naive (my experience only).
However,  there are some scientists around in the theosophy circles.

I'd strongly encourage you to continue with your work.  The key to
success in science is reproducibility.  Scientists use a wastebasket

I spend alot of my own personal time working in the Physics realms,
mostly General Relativity and Unified Field Theory.  I am a member of
APS  (, and AAAS (,  and spend alot of my free
time working in Mathematical Physics.   My day job is a DBA at an Internet
company. feel free to write,  but be patient&persistent for a response....
my life is really event-driven  :-)

peace -

john e. m.

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