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Re: Internet in India:TS-Adyar

Sep 09, 1999 00:21 AM
by hesse600

JRC wrote:

> About the Adyar/Wheaton TS, both the personal experience of myself and a
> number of people I know who have been subjected to blacklisting, and the
> blatant use of membership money (including dues we ourselves paid) to
> marginalize and *lie* about - as well as objective evidence (dropping
> membership numbers all over, the actual removal of National Charters, by
> Adyar, of at least three *countries*) as well as other behaviours and
> statistics too numerous to mention all indicate an organization that is now
> entirely form-side. The life-side is dead. Optimism and pessimism are
> meaningless ... many organizations calcify, fold, dissolve, and disappear.
> And in them there are people that are optimistic right up to the moment
> legal dissolution is declared. But it alters nothing.

Personally I think that what the Mahatma's wrote, still
applies: if there are three members worthy of Their
attention, the TS is worth saving. Now what you write above
indicates that the TS-leaders in majority are not among
those three, but that is not the same as saying that there
aren't three (or even more). It is clear that I cannot know
if there are such members in Their opinion, but since there
are a lot more than three members that I can personaly
relate to, I feel I have reason to be optimistic. And if
the TS is going to be a corpse, perhaps our efforts will
make it at least a "suggestive corpse" as HPB said about
her Egyptian miricle club. I am not going to waste my
energy on being overly negative, as long as there is
fruitfull (in my experience) work I can do in the TS.

If I was listening only to the negative opinions about the
TS on this list and not to my own experience, I might be
tempted to stop working and that is certainly not something
I am hoping to do.

Even in the most negative scenario the TS may change and it
is only going to do that if the people who know what's
wrong stay in the TS and work there, in harmony with those
they disagree with. After all, we may be wrong. Difference
of opinion is not enough reason to quite for me.

And yes, of course I might be wrong in my optimism, but
since I personally have had a lot of good from the TS, I
feel that there is reason for optimism.

This is not meant as criticism of anyone on this list. The
choice to stay or come into the TS is obviously up to each


NHL Leeuwarden

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