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The Ankh

Sep 05, 1999 02:45 PM
by Joshua Gulick

Dear friends,

My name is Joshua Gulick.  I'm fairly new to this discussion list.  I was
wondering if you knew the purpose of the ankh shape?

I knew that the ankh must have been more than just a symbol.  So I meditated
upon it for a while... exploring it physically with my mind.  To my joy, I
realized that the ankh is the shape necessary to create a magnetic monopole.
  There are a few other shapes which I later discovered, but the ankh seems
to be the most efficient.  It works by cancelling out one magnetic pole
while leaving the other intact.  I put pictures and stuff like that about it
up on my site at

So, do theosophists know about this?  I couldn't find anything about it in
the literature.

God bless,

Joshua Gulick

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