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Re: Internet in India <fwd>

Sep 06, 1999 01:41 AM
by hesse600

MKR wrote: [For example, in the US, TS tried to set up a
maillist which is almost dead or is on life  support. Why?
Because the organization wants to censor all messages and
censoring is not considered acceptable by most on Internet.

Take another example. While we have several elected national
officers/officials, only the e-mail address of the president(general
secretary) and secretary who live at the national hq are published. While
some of the other elected officers do have e-mail, none of them is
published. Why? Is it because of the desire of the HQ to control the flow
of info between the membership and elected officials or is it because as a
policy TS does not want the directors/officers directly communicating with
the membership? We do not know? Also TS has not used e-mail to keep in
touch with its membership? Why? Do we need to go Tibet and ask our Real
Founders (if we can locate Them) to find out.]

You are right, this does not sound right. The most positive
way to explain it is that they just do not know how
democratic the internet of neccessity is. They are not
tuned into the spirit of the Net. Let Us Pray They Will One
Day Know Better. ;-)


[Hope some light will shine and help TS use internet/e-mail


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